City of Wrocław

How to show the uniqueness of Wrocław? Bet on monuments? The multicultural past? Or maybe dwarves, universities or bridges? All this, and much more, is included in the slogan “Wrocław – a meeting place”. This is where different languages, cultures and trends meet. This is a city that lives – around the clock! We showed it in the logotype. Red is the colour of passion, energy, emotion, life, vitality. Black is power, elegance, mystery. The meeting of these colors is a mixture only seemingly subdued – it brings to mind associations with Spanish temperament, flamenco… It is, however, framed in a modern, bright, clear framework. Different typefaces and different languages emphasize multiculturalism, openness and modernity of Wrocław.

Type of activity:

Municipality of Wrocław

Time of execution:

6 months

The scope of our work:

Visual Identity System for the City Promotion Department
The Visual Identity Book