Farmakoekonomika Szpitalna

For many years we have been supporting the largest pharmaceutical distributor in Poland – Urtica company in creating a pharmacy magazine – Farmakoekonomika Szpitalna (Hospital Pharmacoeconomics). The client decided to change the form of the magazine – specialised content, scientific articles and a solid dose of knowledge about the latest achievements of pharmacy are to increase the substantive value of the magazine.

The new version includes a lot of valuable content published by recognized authorities in the industry, which significantly increased the volume of the magazine. Our task was to design a new layout of the magazine, a new style of the cover, which would encourage emotions, and the appearance of individual departments.

We investigated what characterizes the most renowned magazines of this type in the world.

We wanted the reader not to get tired of reading specialized content, so we took care of the appropriate graphic design – from dedicated handmade illustrations, through the legible layout of the content, to the selection of colors and appropriate typefaces and photos. As expected, the project is scientific, distinguished and yet modern and functional – it reads well.

Type of activity:

Pharmaceutical distributor

Time of execution:

6 weeks

The scope of our work:

Layout design
Graphic design