Oleśnicka Otwarta Sieć Światłowodowa

OOSS is known in Oleśnica as the creator and contractor of modern fiber optic network. However, the company did not stop at building the infrastructure – there was a plan to join the group of the best Internet operators. The project required the creation of a new brand, branding and communication so that the company with its product could enter the local market. The first step was to create a marketing strategy that helped to determine what actions should be taken to make the new brand reach the hearts of its recipients. Then we created a creative concept – a story that tells the origin of the project and the benefits for the local community. And then we illustrated it – that’s how the key visual graphics were created, which is the basis of the visual identity system.

Type of activity:

Internet service provider

Time of execution:

3 months

The scope of our work:

Key Visual
Visual Identity System